The Official Website of the United Benefice of the Laughton, Ripe & Chalvington Churches

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Who’s Who

The Rev. Geoffrey Smith
The Rectory
Church Lane
East Sussex
BN8 6AH                                               

01323 811898

Assistant Priest:
 The Rev. Jane Sherwin

All Saints Church, Laughton
Sue Armstead
Mark Hartley
St John the Baptist Church, Ripe and St Bartholomew Church, Chalvington
Thalia Brotherton-Ratcliffe
Hilary Pogge
Joan Royle

David Taylor

The Clergy or Churchwardens are available to meet with any parishioner who wishes to discuss a matter of spiritual or pastoral concern.
 If you would like to do so, please contact one of our Churchwardens directly in the first instance.   Click HERE to email Churchwarden

Secretaries to the Parochial Church Councils:

Marion Kemp (Laughton)
Joanna Hoban  (Ripe & Chalvington)


Lord Newton (Laughton)
Prudence Hobbs (Ripe & Chalvington)

Chris Powell