Laughton, Ripe & Chalvington Churches



We are now in Tier 2 of the corona virus restrictions and our public services resume this month but with the requirements that social distancing has to be maintained in our church buildings and masks need to be worn for services.

There will continue to be services that are streamed via Zoom at either 8.30am or 10.30am from Ripe church. Please see the 'Services this month' page for details. For a Zoom link please email me.

 ( Click here to email ) This will inevitably affect how the service is conducted.

A Service of Christmas Music and Readings

will take place in Ripe church on December 13th at 5pm. This will be given by the 'City Chamber Choir'. The service will be open to the public but a maximum of 30 attendees means you will need to book a place if coming. email me to do so. The service will also be streamed on Zoom so again, if you are not on the regular list of Zoomers email me for a link to be sent.

(click here to email)

The size of Chalvington church means that it will not be possible to have major services there with the necessary self-distancing.

Services in DEANLAND are suspended as the Social Centre is not available for public use due to the virus.


Both village shops and the shop at Deanland are actively engaged in food deliveries in the community and appear to have a good supply of volunteer drivers. In the meantime should there be any concerns about local people in the community who are in need of assistance in some way I’m very happy to be contacted and will attempt to help in any way I can, even if it's only by making a telephone call.

Geoffrey ( 01323 811898